Avalanche Control This Afternoon in Bear Pass

Motorists travelling to and from Stewart can expect lengthy delays this afternoon, due to avalanche control work planned on Highway 37-A.

The Transportation Ministry says  snow dropped by recent storms has been redistributed by strong winds, adding load to previously-buried instabilities within the mountain snowpack.

That means avalanche control is necessary to reduce mass from the avalanche start-zones and mitigate the hazard to the highway.

The closure is planned for three hours -- from 1 until 4 this afternoon in the Bear Pass area, between Meziadin and Stewart.

The actual time and duration will depend on weather conditions.  



Highway 37A –Avalanche Control

Created on 2018-02-04 1:00 PM

Route: Highway 37A

Date: February 5th, 2018

Time: Expect a 3 hour closure between 1PM and 4PM

Event: Avalanche Control between Stewart and Meziadin Junction

Recent storm snow has been redistributed by strong winds and has added load to previously buried instabilities deeper within the mountain snowpack. Avalanche control is required to reduce mass from avalanche start zones and mitigate hazard to the highway. Timing and duration of actual closure will depend on weather and the extent of any avalanche deposit removal required.

Avalanche related closure events are updated in real time on the www.DriveBC.ca  website.

Sign up at www.DriveBC.ca  or call 1-800-550-4997 for information on events and road conditions.

*** This is a courtesy message from the Bear Pass Avalanche Program. All times and forecast events are subject to change in duration or timing as they are based on forecast weather events and dynamic snowpack conditions that may or may not occur. Advanced warning of avalanche conditions and closures will not always be able to be issued, check Drive BC for conditions***