Avalanche Hazard Considerable in NW Coastal Backcountry

"It's time to dial back terrain choices at all elevation bands".

That's the advice from Avalanche Canada, for backcountry users in the Northwest Coastal zone, as the danger rating is currently "Considerable" for all elevations.

The avalanche centre's website warns that a buried persistent weak layer has created the potential for surprisingly large avalanches in the area.

For the Northwest Inland zone, the danger rating is "Low" to "Moderate" -- and Avalanche Canada says the forecast is for several days of cold benign weather ahead.

Concerns there include wind slabs at higher elevations and the ongoing potential to trigger deep, persistent slabs in shallow snowpack areas.

For more information, visit Avalanche Canada's website:  http://www.avalanche.ca/map/forecasts/northwest-coastal