B.C Liberal Party

With only three days left until North Coast Liberals select their candidate for the 2017 B.C Provincial election, one candidate is remaining  proactive trying to secure support.



"I bring so many skills to the table, I've worked so hard all my life and I've worked for myself. I worked from the ground up, I've made a living out of nothing and it takes a certain kind of person and a certain skill set to do that," said Proskiw


Rodney Proskiw, a 12-year Prince Rupert resident and business owner is one of two candidates seeking the Liberal nomination in the North Coast riding.



Proskiw believes he can sway voters to vote for him instead of THE NDP's Jennifer Rice who presently holds the seat and is running for re-election.   


"Most certainly we have a chance, we have more than a chance and we are going to do this, but first we have to feel the right candidate and I am that candidate. I bring a fresh new approach to politics and a fresh new approach to life on the north coast," said Proskiw.


Proskiw also shared- that he's in favour of seeing some of the major projects proposed for the North Coast to move forward in an environmentally responsible way.



"I think it's imperative that we have those jobs, we have the people and the money that comes in with those jobs-it's what will keep working families together and keep families at home," said Proskiw.


And Proskiw says he's more than ready for this commitment and huge responsibility.


"Are you kidding me, I haven't slept in four months. I gave up all my work on October the 17th of last year, I handed off all my business dealings for someone else to look after so that I could do this 24/7," said Proskiw.


Former Mayor Herb Pond didnt return our calls, but has said in postings online that he'll "work with local governments and First Nations to put the North Coast back on the map to secure new investments. That it's time for better jobs, more services, and greater resources for education, healthcare and environment. We need an MLA to be part of the solution, not in opposition."


"It's been very interesting, it'll be interesting to see what happens, but like I said, come Sunday morning I'm going to be out on the street, knocking on your door so be ready to meet me," said Proskiw.