Candidates Debate UN Goals Tonight in Kitimat

The two people running in the Skeena riding in the upcoming provincial election will hold their first candidates' debate tonight (Thursday) in Kitimat -- even though the election writ won't be dropped until next Tuesday.

Liberal Ellis Ross and New Democrat Bruce Bidgood will discuss the UN's Sustainable Development Goals tonight at the Kitimat Valley Institute from 7 to 9.

           Bruce Bidgood                                         Ellis Ross         

It's being organized by the BC Council for International Cooperation, and spokesperson Dan Harris said the audience will play a key role in tonight's debate -- starting it off by putting questions about sustainable industry, climate change, gender equality and other issues to the candidates.

"We're trying to get away from the whole combatitive debate style, to really asking the candidates to come as key listeners -- because there's no way we're going to achieve leadership on these issues unless we're all involved -- it's more than just one party can do it, it's more than just one person can do it," said Harris (pictured at right).
The BCCIC held a community roundtable in Kitimat last November.