Community Rallies with Fundraisers to Support Leah's Fight For Life

The line up at Beyond Burgers was long all afternoon, as the Community turned out to support one of their own.

Leah Wiebe grew up in Terrace, and attended Caledonia High School.

She married her high school sweetheart, Ryan, and together they have two young children - Oliver and Lincoln.

But seven months after welcoming her second son, Leah recieved a devastating diagnosis of an aggressive Leukaemia.

Leah has exhausted her options for treatment in Canada. She has been told she has weeks to life.

Her father, Mike Rosenau, told us that doctors say the only treatment that could save her is not yet approved in Canada.

"So the doctors in Canada, they told us that if there was a possibility that treatments in Canada would fail, they told us about this treatment in the states. The very best hope that Leah had in Canada, was a 50/50 chance - the best hope that these medicines were going to work. But this new treatment called CAR-T cell therapy, actually has over a 90% success ratio, with people that have the kind of Leukemia that Leah has. And that's absolutely phenominal. It is absolutely her best chance at life. And we're very grateful that she has the opportunity to go down there, that they've opened it up, they've made a door for her, there's a date, we just need to see the funds raised to get there."

Leah can get in to the new treatment in Seattle beginning July 17th - but to go, a deposit of $650,000 needs to be made.

Leah's family, friends, and now community are now coming together to raise the funds.

Beyond Burgers, today, donated their proceeds to the cause. Her friend Heather Roberts came out to support - and spoke of Leah. 

"Leah has one of the sweetest, purest hearts you've ever met in your life. She would give you the shirt off her back without even thinking about it. I think one of the things I read on Facebook just perfectly encapsulates Leah. Right now she's so weak she can barely do anything. And somebody came to visit her, and she made sure that there was a gift basket welcoming them, in their room. And she brought them dinner, and that's Leah. She's just the purest heart. Ever. And the most amazing faith. And the fact that she's scared she has to say goodbye, Is heartbreaking."

There are several upcoming fundraisers happening for Leah: 

Tomorrow at Cafenara, 100% of Pad Thai Thursday sales will to Leah's cause. 

20% of every bike sold from now until Saturday the 15th from RED cycles.

A fitness class Saturday at Transcend:

There will be a concert Saturday at the Thornhill Pub:

As well as a concert Saturday at the Elephant's Ear:

There will be a bake sale table at the Farmers market Saturday morning, on Market Street in Terrace. As well as a garage sale at 3383 Kirkaldy from 9am-2pm on Saturday. 

The online Auction for Leah will continue until July 15th 1pm:

People can drop bottles off to Clinton Ho, at 4932 Labelle ave. in Terrace. He is still looking for help to sort, as well. Last depot will be Friday. 

A You-Caring page accepts monetary donations: 

You can also E-transfer

Or mail a check or money order to Leah Wiebe, PO Box 542, Terrace, BC, Canada, V8G 4V5

Information on the treatment can be found here:

If there is more to add to this list, please email