Concern Grows Over Witset (Moricetown) Water Supply

Maintenance crews have been going door-to-door in Witset (Moricetown) this week, checking homes for water leaks.

The village has been facing major challenges with its water supply, thanks to heavy snowfall last winter, uneven rainfall in the spring and now an extended hot, dry spell this summer.

In a news release issued yesterday, the Band office said normally, the water reservoir fills overnight when usage is low, but this summer, it has failed to fill completely.

Assistant Executive Director Monica Michell says the low water is very worrying.

She says, with temperatures so high this summer, the health and safety of the community -- especially the elders -- is a major concern.

Witset residents are also being asked to report any water leaks on their property immediately, and to conserve water as much as possible.



Headline:  Witset Water Conservation an Ongoing Challenge

Witset, BC - 1 August, 2018


The Witset Maintenance crew continues to face challenges with the water supply.


Normally, the water reservoir fills over night, when member usage is low. This

summer, the reservoir has been unable to fill completely, for various reasons.


Monica Michell, Assistant Executive Director, commented that having low water

reserves is worrying. Safety is a big concern in this heat.

“We have to think about our elders, at a time like this,” she said. “And with the

forest fire situation across Canada right now, what if we had a fire in the village?”

At Council’s request, our Maintenance crew is going door-to-door in Witset to search for water leaks. In this way, Council hopes to relieve at least some of the pressure currently being imposed on our Water Treatment Plant.

If you have a household leak—including toilets, sinks, or outdoor faucets, we

encourage you to call the Band Office and fill out a work order to get it repaired. If the leak is serious, call the Band Office immediately and we will alert our Maintenance crew to do a free emergency repair.

The area is also expecting a thunderstorm soon, which may disrupt water

production again.


Meanwhile, here are some suggestions for conserving your water:

• Reduce water consumption by restricting water use to essential cooking and cleaning

• Cool down at the lake, or take shorter showers

• Don’t use your sprinkler

• Avoid leaving fish in a sink with running water; a quick rinse and refrigeration is all that’s necessary

• And most importantly, report and repair leaks!


Contact Information For more information, contact the Band Office reception at (250) 847-2133.