Cullen Continues Battle to Change Canada's Voting System

Nathan Cullen isn't backing away from his battle to change Canada's voting system.

The federal NDP's Democratic Reform Critic announced Thursday he's planning a series of town-hall meetings in Liberal ridings across the country, beginning Saturday in Toronto, in an effort to resurrect the issue.

Last month, the Prime Minister announced there was no consensus on a replacement for the current voting system -- but Cullen says Trudeau had no business making such an announcement.

"Mr Trudeau said something in his defence of his betrayal on this commitment -- that it was his decision to make, and he made it -- it actually wasn't his decision to make, it's Parliament's decision to make, and in late May, we will be bringing forward the Electoral Reform Committee's report for a vote in the House of Commons," Cullen told a news conference Thursday.

He also presented a petition in the House of Commons, demanding that Justin Trudeau live up to his promise that the 2015 election would be the last under the "first past the post" system.    

"More than 130-thousand Canadians signed this petition from coast to coast to coast, expressing their will, their desire for the most simple and basic of things in politics:  that a government, when it makes a promise, it keeps its promise -- to remove us from the outdated and unfair first-past-the-post election system," he told the Commons.