Derina Harvey Band Helps Fundraising Effort for REM Lee Theatre

The coordinator for the REM Lee Theatre in Terrace is calling the first concert to help fund the latest Theatre Alive Upgrade Project a huge success.

The 43-year-old facility is in need of some major refurbishing -- and began its latest fundraising drive with a weekend concert performed by a Celtic Rock act visiting from Alberta.

Theatre coordinator Nancy Stone-Archer [pictured at right] says the facility is definitely showing its age.

"The theatre was built in 1975 and many of the systems within the theatre need to be updated and renewed, the advent of LED and moving lights, new sound technology, as well as 40-year-old seats in a space that is largely used as a classroom."

Stone-Archer is also secretary for the Theatre Alive Society, which is currently raising money to replace those seats and the carpet -- and is over halfway to its goal of 400-thousand dollars.

This past weekend, Derina Harvey brought the Celtic rock band that bears her name into the theatre.

They've been touring the northwest, with previous stops in Burn Lake, Kitimat and Prince Rupert -- and were glad to use their music to help the theatre society.

"Oh it was so much fun, the crowd here is electric, they were up on their feet at the end of it, it was amazing!" said Harvey, adding "I think the fact that there were so many butts in the seats tonight, I think that definitely helped their situation and from what I understand it was a very successful fundraiser so I'm glad to be part of it."

The theatre is always in high demand, and never more so than during the annual Pacific Northwest Music Festival, which is coming up in April.

"We have a grid printed out with all the things that go on, there'll be dance here, there'll be singing here, there'll be music theatre here, it's huge, the music festival uses this place all the time, as do all the schools," explained Music Festival Secretary-Treasurer Jane Blix [pictured at left].

Stone Archer says more fundraising events are coming up -- so stay tuned!