Firefighters Urge Kids to be "Burn Aware"

This is "Burn Awareness Week" across BC -- as firefighters across the province once again try to get youngsters to be responsible for their own safety -- and to hopefully transmit that message to their families.

In Terrace, Fire Captain Scott Spencer says there are lots of potential hazards in the average home, and the goal of the BC Professional Fire Fighters Association is to bring that message home to kids.

"Common causes around the house would be like scalds from boiling water, say you left a pot on the stove and it gets knocked over or something like that;  playing with matches and lighters -- common ones you shouldn't be doing -- educate your kids and stuff like that on that sort of thing," said Spencer.

The Firefighters are sponsoring a poster contest for students this week, and the grand prize winner will earn one thousand dollars for their elementary school -- a pizza party for their class -- and a dalmatian toy for themselves.

The winner's poster will also be used in promotional material for burn awareness.