Fishing Nets Found In Skeena River

The Chief Councillor of the Kitselas First Nation is reacting with anger at photos posted on Facebook, showing a fishing net strung across the Skeena River.

Joe Bevan says his office has received several complaints from people who believed the man posting the photos was a member of the Kitselas Nation -- and was abusing his aboriginal right to a food fishery in order to sell salmon -- in spite of the sweeping closures imposed by the D-F-O.

Bevan says the insists the man was not a Kitselas member -- but there are more issues at play here. 

""It's not illegal to go fishing -- we have a constitutional right to go fishing -- if he was giving it out to elders, giving it out to people of need, I would not have an issue with that, or if he needed it to feed his family. At the same time, if he were to take it just to go and sell to a neighbouring community, then I have an issue."

Bevan says the current situation is too serious to be playing games with conservation.

The man who posted the photos on Facebook insists the nets were not his.