Haisla Band Council Election Today

Members of the Haisla Nation go to the polls today to elect a new chief and council.

Crystal Smith, who's been acting Chief Councillor since Ellis Ross resigned last fall in order to run in the provincial election, is up against Keith Nyce for the top position. 

Fourteen people are running for the five council seats up for grabs.

The candidates are Taylor Cross, Brenda Duncan, Jake Duncan, Blair Grant, Godfrey Grant, Harvey Grant, Lindsay Grant, Margaret Grant, Pietro Gray, Lucille Harms, Jo-Anne Ross, Harold Stewart, Esther Wilson and Steven Wilson Senior. 

The polls will be open today from 9am to 8pm at the Haisla Rec Centre.  

== NEWS RELEASE ==  http://haisla.ca/council/election-2017/

Haisla Nation Council’s next election is
scheduled for June 5, 2017, 9 am to 8 pm
at the Haisla Recreation Centre.

The Electoral Officer is:

Bruce Mack, Electoral Officer
(250) 392-6867

The nomination meeting for candidates took place on April 18. Below is the official list of nominated candidates:


  • Keith Nyce
  • Crystal Dawn Smith

COUNCIL (5 to be elected)

(Note: There cannot be more than 2 “Non-Local” councillors. There is already 1 “Non-Local” councillor on Council, so not more than 1 more can be elected.  There could be none elected, but not more than 1. “Non-local” candidates live outside Kitamaat or Kitimat. They will have “N-L” beside their name on the ballot.)

  • Cross, Taylor D.
  • Duncan, Brenda
  • Duncan, Jake
  • Grant, Blair
  • Grant, Godfrey Peter
  • Grant, Harvey
  • Grant, Lindsay
  • Grant, Margaret
  • Gray, Pietro
  • Harms, Lucille
  • Ross, Jo-Anne
  • Stewart, Harold
  • Wilson, Esther (Missy)
  • Wilson, Steven Sr. – N-L