Hall of Famer's Honoured for Achievements

Four new people were inducted into this year's All-Native Tournament's hall of fame- and this year another woman has secured a spot into the hall of famers.

A ceremony was held on Friday night honouring these men and woman's achievements and CFTK TV's Cierra Wilson was there.

"It's a huge honour, definitely there are a lot of people deserving of this and to be recognized and to be put forth as a nominee was amazing and it's definitely an honour just to be part of the hall of fame," says Denise Wilson.

In the player's category Denise Wilson from Metlakatla says it was her cousin who introduced her to the sport.

"I didn't really think anything of it, started playing and been fortunate enough to have such an amazing team and role models to come along," says Wilson.

Wilson says 4 of her former teammates have been inducted into the hall of fame in previous years- and now she's happy to be the only female being inducted this year and hopes to inspire other women.

"I think the All Native is definitely a place where you can inspire others and so I was hoping with me playing at college and coming back and playing hopefully will inspire others to do that, as well and just try your hardest, play your hardest, but have fun and be respectful and classy while playing," says Wilson.

Followed by Prince Rupert's very own Joey Nelson.

"I'm lost for words as you can tell, No I didn't ever think this was going to happen. I grew up here and attended this tournament all my life and never thought I would become a hall of famer," says Joey Nelson.

However, his sister Jennifer Nelson says it was only a matter of time.

"100% we knew he would be here one day and being just a bit younger than him he's always my inspiration through any sport that he played because he was an all-around athlete. He wasn't just good at basketball he was good at everything he tried," says Jennifer Nelson.

Jennifer Nelson says the entire family is very proud of Joe and his accomplishments, she says he's always been a true sportsman.

"He’s been very talented his whole life in everything he's ever attempted to do and he's been part of the All Native family for a number of years," says Jennifer Nelson.

Also inducted into the player's category is Matt Carl Jr. from Hydaburg Alaska. 

And last but not least Frank Parnell was honoured in the Builder’s category.