Kimberly Man's Highway of Tears Walk Reaches Prince Rupert

A man from Kimberley, who’s been walking for the past two months along the infamous “Highway of Tears”, has finally reached Prince Rupert – in his  journey for families and victims of missing and murdered indigenous women.

Brett Merchant says he isn’t doing this walk to raise money — but to create more awareness.

“Without awareness you cannot be healed and there’s so much pain and sadness along this corridor. People all over the world things happen, but this is just my heart in this area,” says Merchant.

Merchant says people across the world need to understand that everyone is all the same.

“Division we divide in so many different ways. Races, you got a nicer car than I do, you’re smarter than this person, you’re richer, you’re poorer—we’re all exactly the same no matter what,” says Merchant.

Merchant and his 10 year old dog Kura started the 1236 kilometer path along Highway 16 September 1st at the BC Border --- and leaves Prince Rupert Thursday headed to Haida Gwaii to Old Massett —with approximately 10 days left ahead of him.

Merchant says despite the dangers along the Highway he plans to hitch hike all the way back home and he’s not the slightest bit worried.

“Kura and I are this big—the problem is beyond—I can’t stretch my arms that big. And to get a slight imagine of what it was like, I have to go walk it and hitch hike. I can’t know what they went through because I wasn’t in their shoes, but I can get a very small picture for people of what it’s like,” says Mechant.

A woman and her father in Kimberly who caught wind of Merchant’s journey set up a GoFundMe page and has already raised over $6,000.

“That’ll be for young Aboriginal women walking across this highway. Instead of walking—shelter can be in many forms—nice jacket warm or boots or a place for the night, safety or maybe young and pregnant scared and don’t know what to do or majority of the community say a ride, maybe we could buy a whole bunch of tickets and distribute them out,” says Merchant.

Merchant says his ultimate goal is to create a new story for what has been a tragic highway.

“And I would like to see it myself—stay the name the highway of tears, but the meaning change 100%. Highway of tears of joy because of healing, and that’s all I want to see is healing,” says Merchant.