Kitimat Maintaining Alert System -- Says It Doesn't Integrate with New BC System

The District of Kitimat says it will maintain its own emergency alert notification system, since it cannot be integrated with the new provincial alert system.

In a notice posted on its website and on Facebook, the District says residents should sign up for its "Rapid Notify" system to get notifications and information on local conditions -- (click:  for more)

Last week, the Province tested its new emergency notification system called "Alert Ready", sending out automatic alerts to LTE smartphones. 

Some phones did not receive the alert.



Emergency Alert Systems - Provincial and District of Kitimat


Posted On Monday May 14, 2018


May 14, 2018 – The Province tested its new emergency notification system (Alert Ready) on May 9, 2018. The provincial system automatically sends alerts to LTE cellular smartphones.  At this time, the provincial notification system will only be used to provide alerts for tsunamis, but may be expanded in the future for other alerts.

Currently, the provincial system cannot be integrated with community alert systems; therefore, the District of Kitimat will continue to issue our own alerts and information through Rapid Notify to provide the public with the most accurate information relevant to local conditions. This means that LTE cellular phone customers in the District who are not signed up for Rapid Notify will receive an initial notification from the province, but not any District notifications with local information and conditions.

To sign up for the District of Kitimat Rapid Notify System visit