Kitsumkalum Responds to Fishnet Controversy

The Kitsumkalum Nation has responded to some controversial pictures posted on social media, showing gillnets strung across the Skeena River.

Kitsumkalum Fish and Wildlife says it did not issue a Food, Social and Ceremonial fishing permit to the man who posted the photos. 

It also says that person is not a member of the Kitsumkalum nation and has not been authorized to carry out such a fishery.

The band says the Skeena River is shut down for recreational chinook fishing, and is only open to a Food-Social-and-Ceremonial chinook fishery, in accordance with the Canadian Constitution.

Kitsumkalum says it takes conservation very seriously.

Yesterday, the Chief Councillor of the Kitselas Band, Joe Bevan, made a similar statement.