Logging Plans for Seven Sisters Area on Hold After Local Objections Raised

A Terrace-based consulting company is reconsidering plans to log in the Seven Sisters area, after concerns were raised by local residents.

Rod Major, who's part of a group called "Friends of the Seven Sisters", said many people were opposed to Fortec Consulting's plans to harvest timber near the Seven Sisters Park, although he notes the logging would not actually be within the park boundaries.

"One of the reasons why people are upset is you've got this beautiful Seven Sisters Park, which is the eighth largest in the province -- just a gorgeous park -- and what'll happen if they timber there is it will really affect the visual quality objectives of the park."


Major also said there were concerns that water quality would be affected in the Price-Boulder Creek area.

But Fortec's Bernie Banovic says that, following a public meeting in Kitwanga last week, it was decided to put those plans on hold for a while.

"The company has decided to defer any decision on the Price-Boulder Creek area for the foreseeable future, in other words we've shelved the project for now and we'll assess the aspects of it in the next little while and come up with a decision but don't expect any operations for the foreseeable future," he said.

Banovic says Fortec plans to continue discussions with the group.

Major says the "Friends of the Seven Sisters" are not opposed to logging, but don't want to see it in the Seven Sisters area.