Mayor Leclerc Responds to BC Budget

Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc was at the BC Budget announcement in Victoria, and had some good news concerning healthcare in the North;

"We still have a AAA credit rating, that's really good news, because when you're saving money in interest, as it was explained in the legislature, that's half a billion dollars that funds healthcare... like, for a new hospital, wherever they're going to build one.. we're hoping that Terrace is eventually going to be one of those [places]."

Mayor Leclerc says that a new hospital in Terrace is Northern Health's number one priority, and that they are waiting for a go-ahead from the government in order to move forwards with a business plan.

Mayor Leclerc added that there is still quite a lot of uncertanity surrounding BC's economy;

"they talked about still being on guard, because it's global economy that BC deals with. We're just not sure what happens in the global world, and the protectionism that's coming out of some other countries"

On the upside, BC will be diversifying its economic markets, which Mayor Leclerc believes will be positive for the province.