NDP Deputy Finance Critic Nathan Cullen Calls Today’s Budget Speech the Backload Budget!

NDP Deputy Finance Critic Nathan Cullen calls today’s budget speech the backload budget--as he says a lot of the important spending doesn’t happen until countless years from now and not worth the paper it’s printed on.


Cullen says the general state of the economy is concerning. Since Trudeau has taken office, Finance Canada has been revised down time and time again. He says 1.3-million Canadians are out of work and carry around the highest personal debt in history.


Cullen says he was anticipating liberal campaigns to come forward with promises they’ve made, such as childcare spaces, getting green energy started, closing off the CO tax loop hole, First Nations child welfare, but he says they chose not to.


"Employment Insurance, the government promised to make it more accessible so that people could get the training that we need, we know there’s a big issue for people across the Northwest, they didn’t. They simply have kept it restricted to those that could gain it right now, which is about a third of people that are paying into EI, so you can’t access training dollars  even if they’ve increased the amount of training funding if you can’t qualify for EI in the first place, so that’s obviously a key concern. We also wanted to see some more attention on the lumber industry broadly and the softwood lumber dispute that is upon us right now, neither of those were taken up by the government so that’s kind of disappointing."


Cullen says promises are back-loaded or non- existent and so at some point Mr. Trudeau is going to have to make good on those things in order to get support from him and people across the north.