Northwest Residents Show Support for Humboldt

There's been a huge show of support across the country today for victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash -- including here in the northwest.

Canadians answered the call from some BC hockey moms and sported their jerseys at work and school.

Staff and students at Charles Hays Secondary School in Prince Rupert [pictured below] were just some of the Canadians who wanted to send love to Humboldt today.

"I know a lot of people have heard of what's going on and wanted to wear jerseys. It couldn't easily have been any of us. It could've been a bus travelling from Prince Rupert to Terrace. It could've been anything. It's sad to see that," they told us.


In Burns Lake, Council voted to lower the flags in front of municipal offices for 16 days, in memory of the 16 people who lost their lives due to last Friday's crash. [PHOTO BELOW:  VILLAGE OF BURNS LAKE]

In Terrace, All Seasons Source-for-Sports owner Bob Park is sending a "Terrace is Hockeyville" banner, bearing the signatures of as many local residents as possible, to Humboldt as a show of support -- Terrace edged out Humboldt in the 2009 Kraft Hockeyville voting. [PHOTO BELOW:  Bob Park]



And in the far northwest, the tiny community of Iskut held a "Jersey Day" for the Humboldt Broncos.

The village of 350 people says it understands as well as anyone the dangers of travelling long distance by road.   

[PHOTOS BELOW:   Darcie Philana Quock]