Open Burning Bans Lifted in Northwest

Open burning is once again being allowed within the Northwest Fire Region.

The province lifted its ban at noon today, although people still require permits for fires over a certain size.

Fire Information Officer Olivia Pojar says the arrival of fall weather has greatly reduced the wildfire risk throughout the region.

"Recently it's been quite a bit cooler and a substantial amount of rain in some areas and in general over the whole fire centre, that allowed the fire danger ratings to drop and so the larger fires no longer pose a risk of starting a wildfire that they did before," she said.

People will also be allowed to use fire-related equipment such as burn barrels or burn cages, sky lanterns and air curtain burners. 

Last week, the province rescinded all campfire bans within the Northwest Fire Centre coverage area.  

Municipal bans have also been lifted.

But Pojar says people still need to be responsible when doing any burning, and that you can still be fined if a fire escapes.