Parents give CMSD board an earful on French Immersion

The first Coast Mountains School District board meeting of 2017 saw many students and parents come to plead their case for keeping French Immersion in the local schools.

Shannon McPhail who is a concerned parent from Hazelton addressed the board on Wednesday night saying the program must remain and that the parents will help the board any way they can.

"You've lit a fire under our asses you have made this a big issue and we will help" said McPhail.

The school board received a final report from an education committee that recommended a minimal class size of 15 students for Hazelton schools and 18 for Terrace and Kitimat.

Board Chair Shar McCrory says district staff have one month to put together a comprehensive report with suggestions on how to move forward, which didn't sit well with many parents.

"They should be able to provide us with something within a month and if they don't feel that confident that they can do that at that time, they will let us know." said McCrory.

Haida Gwaii phased out French immersion last year.

The next board meeting is on Febreuary 22nd in Hazelton.