Patrick Chan Comes to Terrace

The Terrace Figure Skating Club is gearing up for its March 14th ice show; Spirit of the Seasons and they have secured Patrick Chan Canadian, World & Olympic figure skating champion, to participate in the show. Skating Director, Jennifer Kuehne, said Patrick will be skating two numbers as well as joining in on the finale with all of the other skaters.

"The skaters here are very excited I mean the chance to even meet Patrick Chan and the chance to have him behind the curtain at the same time as you warming up. Our skaters will all have a chance to get a photo with him and an autograph; that part it exciting for them too!"

The countdown, to the big day, is on and excitement and anticipation among the skaters is palpable. Figure skater Maya Lecuyer expressed her excitement about meeting and skating with one of her idols.

"It's really crazy. I'm still trying to like wrap my head around it he's coming and skating in our rink; in our town I've always thought he was just the coolest, most graceful skater ever and he always looks so happy. I'm so happy that he's coming!"

Figure skater Kaytlin Gingles expressed her enthusiasm about meeting a figure skating champion.

"Before I was a figure skater, my mom and I, when we watch the Olympics, we would be so excited for the figure skating and Patrick Chan was one of my favorite skaters so now, being in skating and him coming is like a dream!"
It might be a challenge to get your hands on some tickets as this event was sold out within the first two days of ticket sales. If you missed out; Kuehne suggests an option of attending the Kitimat Snow Valley Skating Club ice show with Caitlyn Osmond as the guest skater on March the 9th.