Prince Rupert Council Members Voted to Support Water Funding

Earlier this week Prince Rupert council members voted to support two applications brought to Council by the City’s Director of Operations for the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund—which was recently announced at the UBCM Conference.


The applications will be made to fund Phase 2 and 3 of the water supply project--the replacement of the 104 year old Woodworth Dam, and the submarine lines that carry the City’s potable water below Fern Passage.


Mayor Lee Brain says grant funding for phase 1 of the project has already been secured and will proceed within the next 6 months—replacing the supply line from the dam to the waterfront and developing an access road to the dam.


Director of Operations Richard Pucci says the dam is at the end of its life cycle and a failure would be catastrophic to the community.


“Once you cross the harbour and off of the service road, access to the dam is limited to a 2.2 kilometer walking trail or by helicopter, therefore the dam is not accessible in all other conditions or emergency conditions,” said Pucci. 

Mayor Brain says the deadline for the multi-million dollar fund is November 23.


“So phase two and 3 we are putting in for those funds and last year we actually got money for phase one, which was $4.4 million dollars from the federal and provincial governments to build a road that would actually connect up to the dam itself so we could actually have access to them as well as replace the original water lines and bury them under ground,” said Brain.


The second application will be made to fund Phase 3 of the waterworks project – the replacement of the water lines below Fern Passage


“The City receives its potable water from the Mainland. From the mainland our community is on Kaien Island and there are 3 submarine water lines that cross Fern Passage. Of those 3 lines only 2 are operational,” said Pucci.


Pucci says securing a grant from the City will allow more work to be done and minimize the financial burden to local tax payers.