Prince Rupert Launches New City Website Features

The City of Prince Rupert's website contains a lot of information. So much so, that some residents have voiced concerns about not being able to locate some of it. 

The city announced this week the site has been relaunched with new features and functionalities not previously available. 

"Our current website was outdate," began Veronika Stewart, Communications Manager for the City of Prince Rupert, "It's been around since 2010, so this is an upgrade. We upgraded the security through the website and improved the search function. It's now easier to find things through the search bar at the top of the page. The menus themselves are searchable, so you can kind of scroll over a section, and look down and see what's in them. This wasn't a function in our previous website. We have all our social media accounts linked to the front of the page, so that our newsfeed is updated regularly."

The city developed the changes internally working with its in-house tech team. The team overhauled over 100 pages of content and upgraded the back-end system. 

Visitors to the site will notice that some features remain the same, such as the location of where city council agenda and minutes are.  The new upgrades include accessing forms not previously available. 

"We have some of our application forms, so if you are applying for a variance permit for a building permit, you can find those forms online and speed up the process of applying for them with the city. We're trying to get as much information on line as we can for residents, so they can really access a city service easily." continued Stewart. 

The site development remain a work-in progress though. The city plans to continue upgrade the content to ensure the site is as user-friendly and modern as possible. 

Any difficulties locating the new information or if you notice any technical glitches, you can report them to directly to the city.