Prince Rupert Named One of the Top Small Towns to Getaway for Canada Day

With the country’s 150th anniversary on the horizon, Expedia highlighted some of the most enjoyable small towns in the provinces.


Prince Rupert was named one of Canada’s best small towns to visit to getaway for Canada Day-- offering experiences you can't get anywhere else.


While it may be a small town, it’s anything but boring—offering a wide variety of things to do that’s fun for an entire family.


“Really I think that now, the cat’s just out of the bag and people are going to find out what we already know… that Prince Rupert is an amazing place,” says Witzke.


Wheelhouse Brewing Company got shout of from Expedia’s article as a place to test the hops. Co-owner James Witzke says it’s a great place to socialize, get with friends and make new friends.


“I think that’s a draw for people both from the community and for people that are visiting the community. Any given night you can walk in here as a visitor and sit at one of our common tables and meet all walks of life from Prince Rupert—people that work down at the Port, people that work in our emergency services and every now and again even the Mayor might be down here,” says Witzke.


“A lot of social places to go to; Breaker’s, Wheelhouse, great place to eat—Stardust for example is a great place to eat for Chinese food and Dolly’s, you love fish and chips,” says Rupert resident Alexis Williams.


The Museum of Northern BC is another great place to check out when visiting Rupert. Curator Director Susan Marsden says they’re delighted to be acknowledged, as the Museum has been a focal point of Rupert since 1924.


“It’s in a building that is architecturally stunning and people are always overwhelmed by the magnificence of the cedar timbers and the smell of cedar when they enter the museum. We also have a very important collection that is recognized internationally and our exhibits have been completed in the past for being attractive in their own rights,” says Marsden.


Barb Gruber President of Special Events Society says Prince Rupert is one of the best places to visit during the Canada Day celebrations.


“You can join us for July the 1st in Mariner’s Park, we have children’s games, we have music, we have everything a person could want. And at night, about 11o’clock because it stays light late, we have fireworks over the harbour,” says Gruber.


Gruber says the next best thing about Rupert is that fact that you can take everything in the city has to offer by simply walking.


“If you fly in or you come by train, you’re not stuck in one little area. You can still go to the Museum, you can go come down to Cow Bay and enjoy everything in Cow Bay. You can walk down to our Sea Plane base and watch the little water planes coming and going. It’s just a very small, tight community,” says Gruber.


Whether you’re from the community or visiting for a short period of time—people of Prince Rupert want your stay to be memorable.


“The best thing that we have over everybody is friendly people—everybody will talk to you, everybody will help you,” says Gruber.