Prince Rupert to Expand Landfill

Back in 2015, the City of Prince Rupert's landfill was expanded.

Today, the landfill is running out of space, yet again.

This time, it's the west berm of the site that is in need of expansion as it's current airspace is forecast to hold up until April 2019.

During the city's last council meeting July 23rd, council awarded a $3 million dollar contract to Broadwater Industries to help prolong its airspace by an addition four-to-five years, before it can work on one of its major infrastructure programs, building a 35 year old cell.

Veronik Stewart, Manager of Communications for the City of Prince Rupert, says the landfill investment is part of council's strategic priorities.

"The city is working real hard to try to renew some ouf our major infrastructure. We are working on renewing the 100 year-old dam and we built an access road and buried the supply line there, so water supply is more safe and secure. This is part of a broader project as we know some parts are aging so the landfill is also part of those kind of priorities."

The city had to cut back on its garbage intake a few years back when it was thought LNG would come to Prince Rupert.

"There was a lot of speculation about LNG happening in Prince Rupert, and a lot of people were doing renovations on their homes which ended up taking a lot more space in the landfill than we initially anticipated. Any kind of boon int he construction and housing industries can create that, so it happened with us, and we had our site fill up sooner than anticipated, which is why we are doing this project, and why we are working towards building a new 35-year landfill cell, so that we have something permanent for the community," continued Stewart.

Once the details of the contract between Broadwater and the city are finalized, the scheduled completion date will be announced.