Prince Rupert Woman Awarded Medal of Courage

The B-C and Yukon Branch of the Canadian Cancer Society gives out an award of courage to one deserving recipient.

This year the prestigious Medal of Courage was awarded to a Prince Rupert woman who is battling cancer.

Sheryl Sadorski’s journey with cancer began in 2014 when she was diagnosed with type 1A cervical cancer.

She says though the cancer has gotten a little bit more aggressive, she wants to enjoy her days with friends and family.

“Also it’s my last chance at fighting the disease. Our team who is named the White and Teal Women of Steal for the Relay for Life in Prince Rupert, we’ve won the top earners for this event a few years in a row and our goal was to not hit a third this year, but to rather have a catalyst fund set up through the Canadian Cancer Society to fight cancer even harder,” says Sadorski.

Sadorski has chosen to live her cancer journey in a very courageously public way in order to create change—while challenging and supporting others.

“When I found out I was terminal I’ve been really transparent with my journey on FB, so it’s a way for me to heal, it’s a way for me to grab on to the reality of the moment and it was my way to think what can I do or say for people to understand the journey I’m on,” says Sadorski.

This year Sadorski was awarded the Medal of Courage— she is the sole recipient in British Columbia and is one of only a few across the country.

Cancer Society Volunteer Coordinator Nancy Shelford says this award is given out to a volunteer who inspires others with their selfless commitment during their cancer journey and she can’t imagine anyone who is more deserving than Sheryl Sadorski.

“Her fellow volunteers just describe her as strong and fierce in her battle with cancer. She wants to have fun, share experiences, make memories and raise so much money for cancer research that no one will ever have to walk her path ever again,” says Shelford.

“I get a phone call from Surrey and a representative from the Canadian Cancer Society there told me that I won an award and I never even heard of the award before—I didn’t even know it existed,” says Sadorski.

It all spiraled from a recent Facebook post, when Sadorski captured her passion for the cause saying:

“What are you going to do to help fight this disease? I don’t want sympathy I want warriors! I want fundraising ideas. I want troops to help fight this and save people’s lives!!! I’m dying of cancer and I’m not going to quit fundraising if it means I could save one of you!!!

"I don’t know why they chose me. There are so many great people out there, like even in the community that does so much hard work-- to chose me was such an honour, but I don’t know why, but thank you," says Sadorski.