Queen Charlotte Fire and Explosion Update

The residential fire on Haida Gwaii that started Tuesday afternoon ended Wednesday evening.

After a little more than 24 hours of flames, officials confirmed it was out at approximately 5:45pm. The RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit was on site examining the location before determining it was safe to stop it.

On Thursday, RCMP forensic investigators will begin their investigation.

CAO for the Village of Queen Charlotte, Lori Wiedeman says due to an explosion occuring on site, an open investigation is now underway though much is still not know about the residence.

"It was a home of a resident here. It was a house that appeared to have an extension put on it, sort of a large garage storage area. So, the couple that owns it run a discount liquidation out in front in a separate trailer unit."

A few nearby homes also experienced some damaged to their homes and crews have begun to assess the damage while cleaning up the debris.

The village's Emergency Water Restriction remains in tact. Water use is only for drinking, cooking and hygenie purposes. The restriction will remain in effect until further notice.