RCMP Investigate Attack on Hazelton Stroke Victim

A disabled man continues to recover, after being swarmed and beaten on a road in Hazelton over the weekend.
Tanya Gray says her husband, Chuck, was walking home from Sam 'N' Gil's pub in Hazelton Saturday night when he was circled and attacked by at least four young men.
She says Chuck had a stroke last August that left the right side of his body paralyzed and he told his attackers that he couldn't fight back.
Gray says the attackers demanded money, but the 39-year-old wasn't carrying cash, so they took turns punching him and calling him names.
He was left with a broken wrist, welts, scrapes and bruises.
Staff Sergeant Steve Vince with the New Hazelton RCMP says investigators believe the attack was unprovoked and several suspects have been identified.