Ridley Terminals Looking for Feedback on Proposed Expansion

Ridley Terminals Incorporated held two info sessions in Prince Rupert and Port Edward earlier this week to showcase their plans to build a second berth and gather public feedback.

The company is proposing to build an expansion Southeast of the exisitng berth that would allow for simultaneous loading of two vessels.

Ridley Terminals President and CEO Marc Dulude says the project is estimated at 70 to 80 million dollars and will help grow the terminal and local economy.

"Basically it's to grow the business, make the terminal more diversified, also receiving larger revenue and maintaining the jobs in Rupert and creating bigger opportunity for the local economy. Basically we want to go with the full support of the local community. We did discuss this project with the mayors and First Nations before starting it, we wanted to have their full support, so that it's basically for the benefit of the local economy and the region and make this port more successful on a world scale."

The project will bring in 50 construction jobs as well as up to 40 operational jobs, and Dulude added that because it is only an expansion the environmental effects will be small.

"There is some, for sure, like any project there is some enviromental impacts, but they are really minor because it's modification of an existing facility, so it's not building a brand new dock. That's the reason why it's not so huge impact on the environment. And also, it's already disturbed environment, if I can say that in terms of where the lot that we're operating the new dock. So it's not a very major impact that can be expected from this operation."

Ridley Terminals is accepting feedback on the project until March 5th. Individuals can respond by email to the Ridley Terminals project team, by mail to the Prince Rupert office, or through the online comment forms.