Skeena Sawmills hoping for new scanner to detect defects in wood

Skeena Sawmills is hoping to receive access to funding for a scanner that processes logs, the way a CT scanner processes patients at hospitals. 

Woodlands Manager Greg Demille, made a presentation to city council on Monday saying the hemlock and balsam trees in the Terrace area could have increased value if they were put through a CT scanner. 

The scanner would identify knots, cracks and rotting happening inside the logs. 

Demille says the budget is $300,000 and asked that the city write a letter of support to assist with raising money for the project.

The project is broken down into three phases. Log scanning, data analysis and defect detection verification.  

The scanner could cost anywhere from $2-6,000,000, including installation.

Council voted unanimously to write a letter of support for the project.