Ski Season Ends at Shames with Slush Cup

The curtain came down on another ski season at Shames Mountain, west of Terrace, over the weekend.

And a few hearty souls decided to take part in something that's turning into an annual event -- the Slush Cup.

The Slush Cup is pretty much what it sounds like: the goal is to ski or board across a pool of slushy water created at the bottom of the hill.

Most of the competitors dress sensibly for the occasion -- but a few are a little more flamboyant -- and perhaps a little less sensible, but they all seem to have a lot of fun -- and they managed to make quite a splash.

The operators of the Shames Mountain Ski Hill -- My Mountain Co-op -- say overall, it was a pretty good year.

"We had a bit of a slow start in a few different ways with Christmas and so-on, largely with the weather but then February rolled around and the slow started pumping down and we've had some absolutely epic days so it actually turned out really well plus actually our pre-season sales we had more new members sign up this year than we have since the original year that we started the co-op," said Director of Operations Sam Harling.

He says that's a really good sign that people are taking the co-op seriously as a viable owner of the hill.

And he says the future is looking pretty bright.

"We're fast approaching a decade of doing this; there's been some transition years and so on, transitioning from the corporation that was Shames Mountain to now this co-op style and things are working -- they're working well; it has to do with our volunteerism and the great involvement of the community."

Harling says Shames Mountain has proven to be a valuable asset to the community, adding that several people have told him they never would have moved to the Terrace area if it didn't have a local ski hill.