Small Fire at Day Inn Briefly Closes Traffic Through Terrace Downtown Saturday

A weekend fire caused some smoke and fire damage to the Days Inn in Terrace -- but fortunately no injuries.

Fire Chief John Klie says the call came in at about 12:15 Saturday afternoon -- forcing the evacuation of the hotel and the White Spot Restaurant -- just as many guests were being served lunch.

Klie says the fire was mostly confined to the building's basement.

"It came in as smoke coming out of the boiler room so one of the dryers was on fire, so that dryer is probably damaged; because the fire was kind of big, there was a lot of smoke so probably the fire itself was contained to the room, quite a bit of smoke throughout the building though,so I would say not heavy smoke damage but they'd be more worried about smoke damage than fire damage," he said

The 4600 block of Lakelse Avenue was closed to vehicle traffic for about two hours Saturday.