Smithers council adopts a parking exemption bylaw

The town of Smithers is hoping to grow development in the downtown core.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach says council has now adopted a new bylaw that will see parking exemptions for downtown businesses.

"We've talked about this issue at length for many years and based on the information we had from staff and based on the recommendations from the small business task force, council has decided to create an exemption zone where property owners would not have to provide off street parking and so that covers fairly large chunk of our downtown." said Bachrach.

"From the highway to Railway Avenue and from King street to Queen street."

Bachrach adds that the town is investing in a 47 space parking lot along second avenue and main street to help offset congestion with the lack of parking spaces that will be available.

Restaurant, retail, and residential businesses will be a part of the exemption bylaw.