Smithers Residents Set to Enjoy "Classics On Main" Today

Downtown Smithers will echo with the sound of the alphorn -- and many other instruments -- today (Thursday).

It's part of the annual Orchestra North Summer Program, which is taking place all week at the Northwest Community College campus in Smithers [Facebook picture at Right].

The program is hosting over 100 musicians from across northern BC, ranging from seven-year-old beginners to retirees who have been playing all their lives. 

Sebastian Ostertag, who co-founded the event along with Roxi Dykstra, says the participants will offer "Classics on Main", a series of free public concerts beginning shortly after 12 noon Thursday (today).

"First you're going to hear some alphorns, because we have alphornists who are part of our program, and they'll be playing in downtown -- you're going to have to kind of listen to try to find out where that amazing sound is coming from -- and then right afterwards, we have all of our groups, so this is going to be over 20 groups rotating through our favourite locations downtown -- so Bugwood Bean, Two Sisters, the stage, also CICK (Smithers Community Radio) at the train cars is going to be hosting some musicians, Schimmels -- you're going to see from our youngest kids to our most advanced groups playing and they'll play their little concert for you, their little piece that they've been working on all week, and then they're going to rotate to the next, and if you hang out and have coffee, you can sit for an hour and you're going to hear all these different groups running through, playing all sorts of different types of music for you."

"Classics on Main" is a partnership between Orchestra North and the "Spirit of the North" Classical music festival.  

On Saturday, there will be a full day of public concerts taking place in several areas of Smithers, including a Guitar Camp performance at 9am at the Farmer's Market.