Smithers Subway Kickstarts Fundraiser for BV Lodge Dining Room Upgrade

A fundraising drive has begun in Smithers, to help make life a little nicer for residents of the Bulkley Lodge.

The BV Health Care and Hospital Foundation is planning to make improvements to the dining room, to modify the way the lodge delivers food services.

Executive Director Laurel Menzel says the plan is to make it a bit less like a cafeteria and a little more private for them.

"That's home to lots of our community members here and to our loved ones, and so they wanted to make the dining room there feel a little bit more like home, but there's also going to transition to a table-side service, and that's going to allow the residents to select what and when they eat -- there isn't going to be a sort of `breakfast time is at 8 and if you're not there you miss out' -- if a resident wants to be able to sleep in they'll be able to get their breakfast whenever they wish to make their way down to the dining room," she explained.

The fundraiser got a kickstart from Smithers Subway. 

Store owner Avil Ranjan sponsored a "Cookies for a Cause" promotion in November and December, and presented a 16-hundred dollar cheque this week to the foundation. [Photo below]