Taxes up for 2017 in Terrace

If you live in the City of Terrace, get ready..because your taxes are going up.

Council is in the thick of their budget process for 2017 and have put together a provisional budget.

Mayor Carol Leclerc says there was no other option than to raise taxes.

"Hydro goes up and all the utilities go up and you try and stretch the dollars as far as you can go, and you keep taking things off the plate and sometimes you just have to say we can't take anymore cuts to anymore services." says Leclerc.

"We're just going to do a tax increase. So we're looking right now at a three and a half percent tax increase."

Leclerc adds that there are many projects that will be focused on in the budget this year including a new roof for the arena, a refurbished aquatics centre and upgrades to some roadways.

The budget has to be finalized and adopted by mid May.