Terrace Firefighters Scramble to Extinguish Loader Fire At Skeena Sawmills

Terrace Firefighters were on the scene quickly yesterday afternoon to ensure a loader fire at Skeena Sawmills didn't spread.

Deputy Fire Chief Dave Jephson said, with conditions this dry, crews scrambled to the scene as soon as the call came in at around 5:45.

"Our big concern obviously was with the weather that's happening right now -- we wanted to make sure that the loader was isolated and not up against any wood or any dangers of exposure -- fortunately that was the case, so our crews were able to jump on it right away using dry-chem foam to knock the fire down."

Jephson is also reminding Terrace area resisents that any fire has the potential to be catastrophic, "and we just ask everybody to be cautious when they're out there, anywhere they're moving in and around the forests, or their lawns, that they have nothing that can ignite or nothing that can overheat and cause any type of fire."

Right now, the fire hazard is "high" to "extreme" for nearly all of the northwest.