Terrace Man About to Assume Temporary New Identity: "Captain Obvious"

A Terrace man is about to head to Toronto -- to assume his temporary identity:   Captain Obvious.

When the travel site Hotels.com and its advertising agency launched a contest to temporarily replace its TV pitchman, Ryan Sergerie decided to enter -- and he won!

Sergerie's been told a few times that he resembled Captain Obvious, the bearded character who appears on the Hotels.com commercials.

So when someone sent him a link to a national contest to temporarily replace the good captain while he embarked on his own vacation, Sergerie decided to give it a shot.

He contacted a friend at Skeena Media -- and they put a video together, which he submitted to the hotels.com website, and he also posted it on social media -- where it exploded.


[LEFT:  Ryan Sergerie's video entry to temporarily replace Hotels.com's "Captain Obvious" (shown at RIGHT)]


"Facebook got the most traction out of it, there was about 25-thousand views, about 400 shares, something like 700 likes or something like that; people from all over the place that were liking it -- Helsinki, Finland; Africa; all over the place so it's gotten some worldwide traction," he said, adding that the response was very positive.

And the folks at Hotels.com obviously agreed.

Sergerie leaves for Toronto on Monday, where he'll meet up with a couple of other contest winners -- both of them women --  and he'll film some commercials.

He'll also receive one thousand dollars in cash and another thousand dollars in hotels.com gift cards.  

Could this be the beginning of a new career?

"Oh man I wish -- I think it'd be great to be able to do a commercial a month and then spend the rest of the time with my kids," he laughed, adding "but if we're going to be honest, I'll probably be coming back to Terrace and working here again."