Terrace Man Enjoying Life as Temporary Captain Obvious

He's "obviously" thrilled -- but Terrace's own "Captain Obvious" says he has no idea what's next.
Ryan Sergerie was in Toronto last month, shooting TV and web ads for Hotels.com, in his role as one of three temporary replacements for the travel website's regular spokesman. 

Now, the commercials are hitting the airwaves -- and the internet -- and he says the fun is just beginning.

Sergerie says Terrace residents might have to get used to seeing the good captain strolling down the streets of the city every now and then.

"They gave me this costume -- I get to keep the costume so I'm going to try to present it around town every once in a while; I have a couple of times and there's been people who have gotten a good laugh out of it, so I think we should all just ride this happy train for a while -- Christmas is coming and the doom and gloom is going to be here soon," he laughed.

Sergerie was flown to Toronto last month, to shoot his ad for the travel website hotels.com -- and he said he was treated royally..

"We stayed in a fancy part of Toronto, Yorkville, and everywhere that I went it was Gucci and Calvin Klein and the latest trends in fashions -- I felt kind of out-of-place just being a smalltown boy there but I took in as much as I could, some of the sights and it was a fantastic experience, very rewarding I will say for my summer, yes!" he joked, about the ad promoting the Rewards program offered by Hotels.com.

The commercial is fairly similar to the demo he put together to enter a nationwide contest for the role earlier this year, and he was delighted the producers borrowed and expanded upon his ideas, especially his DANCE routine.

"I was wondering how they were going to try to work that in, they said they had loved my audition tapes so much, they wanted to use the idea so the final product is pretty similar to what it was," he said.

Sergerie was one of three winners of the "Temporary Captain Obvious" contest -- and all three produced spots which are now available for viewing on YouTube -- along with a couple of other ads.

And he's enjoying it all.   "I like laughing at it every once in a while I'll go back to the YouTube commercial there and take a look and watch through all five of them -- and I'll be a little bit cheeky and say I do feel like mine was the best out of the five that were up there."

You can view the complete Hotels.com commercial featuring Ryan (and the others) on YouTube by clicking here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOnMG8FGqnw&list=PLS53MfXdhtuoXdZWOtij_VkVYwxNhP0Md

And you can watch his original demo from July here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FXFn3FJtsA