Terrace now home for two more refugee families

Terrace is now the new home for two Syrian Refugee families.

The second and third refugee families to settle in the city were welcomed earlier this month. 

The Terrace Christian Reformed Church sponsored one family to flee the middle east and Pastor Joel Ringma says they are still raising money to support the family financially for one year as they settle into their new surroundings. 

"It's a partnership with the government and our share of it, is well over 20 thousand dollars." said Ringma.

"We're responsible in partnership with the government for the first year and we're excited to have the family in town."

Ringma added "they have arrived almost two weeks (ago) now, and they seem to be starting to settle into some routines here in Terrace. The kids are in school at Skeena and the parents are doing some language stuff."

The first refugee family arrived in June, when they were greeted by many residents and supporters. 

Ringma says the family sponsored by the church includes a husband and wife with their three children between, aged 8 to 14. 

The family had been living in Turkey for about two years.  

A third family, sponsored by a private group arrived on Oct. 20th

That family consists of a husband, wife and their two children.