Terrace Rotary Auction Raises Over $46,000 For Local Projects

Members of the Rotary Club of Terrace are calling this year's fundraising TV auction another success.

The auction was held over the weekend at the Terrace Sportsplex, raising about $43,326 through items sold, plus another $3350 in cash donations.

Club spokesman Rich Toomey says the proceeds will help Rotary to continue its support of local projects.

"The auction proceeds go to local projects that the Rotary Club feels are deserving, and one of the best examples right now is the Splash Park -- the two Rotary Clubs in town actually invested quite a bit of money in the Splash Park, but we had a whole bunch of help from the community as well."

Toomey says another recipient of Rotary contributions is the Doctor REM Lee Hospital Foundation, which helps fund health care improvements in Terrace.

A total of  $72,146 worth of items were donated by 261 businesses in the Terrace area.