The Charles Hays Rainmakers Host a Triple-A Senior Boys Basketball Tournament

The Charles Hays Rainmakers will host a Triple-A Senior Boys Basketball tournament this weekend.


The Rainmakers will play the Caledonia Kermodes from Terrace in a best-of-three playoff.


The senior teams from each school will square off this evening at 7 and head coach Mel Bishop says they've been on a winning streak until now, so he has high hopes for this tournament.



"We've played Caledonia three times this year, we've got three wins, we're 3-0. The last couple games were very close-very, very competitive, so it should be a good weekend," says Bishop.


Bishop says if the team continues to play a strong defensive game, they'll have a better shot at taking the win.


"It starts in defensive end-if we play tough defensively and rebound the ball I think we'll be in good shape. It all comes down to the defensive end and we just have to compete and work hard," says Bishop.


Team member Quinn Leighton says you can never go into any game with too much confidence, but with the extra hard work the team has put in he anticipates his team will come out on top.


"I think we're going to come out with a little bit of fire and home crowd and just wanting to get revenge on Cal so to speak. Everyone's been putting in work you see these boys now and everyone's been shooting on their spares, even after school extra sessions," says Leighton.


Bishop says the Rainmakers and Kermodes have had an ongoing rivalry for quite some time now, but Leighton says it's only ammunition for his team.


"We've always have that rivalry with Cal-- they're the closest team that we can play, they've always been tough, they've always been competitors that have either beaten us or gone back and forth throughout the year," says Leighton.


"It should be a very emotional game. High school basketball is pretty exciting-everybody works hard, both teams work hard, compete and it's good," says Bishop.


Leighton says the Rainmakers arguably have the best coach in Canada and possibly the world so they'll go into the tournament with their heads held high.


"By far Mel's been probably one of the best coaches that I've ever had and probably one of the best role models and teachers, if not leaders that I have ever had," says Leighton.


Tomorrow, the teams go at it again at starting at 1 and if necessary again at 730.


"We're all lucky to have Mel support us-if he's got faith in us; we know we can do anything. We know that we'll come out with the win," says Leighton.