The Loo Has Landed -- in Downtown Smithers

The loo has landed!

The town of Smithers has taken delivery of the "Portland Loo", which has been described as "the perfect public toilet".

The stainless steel washroom arrived by truck yesterday, and is being installed on Second Avenue near Main Street, next to the Bugwood Bean coffee shop.



Back in February, Council approved the 195-thousand dollar cost of purchasing and installing the downtown flush toilet, which will be available for public use year-round.

It's built to withstand harsh winter weather -- and is made with a graffiti-resistant coating. 

The side walls  also have angled slats to ensure privacy while still allowing police to monitor any illegal activity.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach said it will be a huge improvement over the off-street port-a-potty which has been available in downtown Smithers only during summer months.

The issue has been raised many times by local residents who became frustrated -- especially after the creation of Bovill Square for public events downtown.