Time Will Fly in Prince Rupert Until BC Hydro Can Repair Main Power Line

If it seems like time is flying in Prince Rupert today -- that's because clocks on the North Coast are running a little faster than normal.

An avalanche on the south shore of the Skeena River, 45 kilometres west of Terrace, damaged a BC Hydro transmission tower during the noon hour yesterday.

Hydro's Dave Mosure says power was knocked out for over four thousand Hydro customers in Port Edward and Prince Rupert for just over an hour.

An avalanche safety expert has been brought in to review the site, in order to determine if it's safe to carry out a geotechnical analysis of the site and to begin repairs.

Mosure says, fortunately, Hydro has back up systems for the North Coast.

"All customers are back on thanks to the Prince Rupert Gas Plant and the Brown Lake and False River facilities and while we're in that islanded situation off the main grid, the clocks -- the old electrical style clocks will run about 18 seconds fast per hour so keep an eye on that if you've got some pressing deadlines," he explained. 

Mosure says there's no timeline available for when repairs to the mainline can be completed.

[Map below shows area affected by Mar 1, 2018 power outage]