Trail Near Lakelse Lake Closed Due to Grizzly Encounter

A popular hiking trail near Lakelse Lake has been closed, due to grizzly bear activity.

Sergeant Tracy Walbauer of the Conservation Officer Service says a woman hiking along Gunsight Lake Trail came across a moose carcass -- and then moments later, she encountered the bear that likely killed it.

"So the individual turned around, got out of there, which was a good thing -- the process right now we're involved with is shutting down the Gunsight Lake Hiking Trail, so in combination with the FLNRO Recs and Trails Department and the Conservation Officer Service, the Gunsight Lake Trail is going to be closed immediately for approximately a week; we'll reassess in a week's time, we just want to advise people to stay out of the area to allow the grizzly bear to do what it needs to do and move off," he explained. 

Walbauer says the incident is also a good reminder that we live in bear territory, and that we always need to be aware of our surroundings when hiking in the back country.