Trump Presidency The Focus of Public Meeting In Terrace

What does a Trump Presidency in the US mean for the northwest, for Canada and for the world?

That question will be the focus of a discussion in Terrace this weekend, hosted by Skeena-Bulkley Valley New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen.

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau preparing to travel to Washington next Monday for a face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump, Cullen says a lot of Canadians have fears about the new president.

Cullen says "I want to be able to hear that so we can reflect it back to the Trudeau government as they're bringing their message to Washington -- but also to explain some of the things that we've heard: what do we understand about the Muslim ban? What do we understand about the softwood lumber tariffs coming back on and that trade war starting up again -- they're talking about a 35-to-50 per cent tariff on Canadian wood -- Donald Trump has vowed that he's going to go after some of these trade deals that he doesn't like ---  does the government need to get ready to help make communities whole that are going to be damaged by this trade war?" 

The open forum in Terrace will take place Saturday night at 7 at the Elks Hall.   

Admission is free.

Cullen also says he's not laughing over speculation that the Trump Administration is considering former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the next US ambassador to Canada.

The rumour surfaced yesterday -- and was fueled by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's refusal to rule it out -- sparking countless jokes on social media.

But Cullen says her appointment would be tantamount to having two Donald Trumps to deal with.

"It would be hard to take her seriously, she has never been very comfortable with the truth, couldn't recognize it most mornings if it jumped up and knocked her on the head, and it's very worrisome that this would be contemplated actually."

The ambassador's job has been vacant since last month when Obama appointee Bruce Heyman resigned following Trump's inauguration as president.