Udder Festival Is Underway

Celebrating it's 20th year entertaining audiences in the northwest, the Udder Fest is back. 

This year's festival will include seven different shows including a kids camp show and some zany improv sets.

The festival began in 1999 and has been volunteer run ever since.  Over 60 community members work throughout the year putting it on.

Lyle McNish, Udder Fest Co-Chair says the work is contagious but that ultimately the goal is to make the audience happy. 

"The work definitley resonates. A lof of us look forward tot his each year. You are self creating something locally. I think peoplw want to come see their friends on stage. In terms of tourists, I think I feel they get a flavour of the community." 

The only summer festival of its kind in the northwest, the productions are a chance to also reflect on the nuances of the region. 

"Its relevatnt  that we tell jokes about ourselves, and jokes about the community. Our War of Wits show is an example of that. We area  community that is comfortable with ourselves, with the rain, so we come and have fun with it." 

Two out of the seven performances are a Youth Camp production: The Quest To Mend a Broken Heart. The improv based story for all ages tells the classic tale of good versus evil. 

Past student theatre participant and current summer camp intern,  Kaedyn Bond helped create the tale.

"Me and my co-worker created the main idea. It's pretty much a friendship story. There is a fairy creature and she is friends with humans and they get into a fight, and now they are not friends anymore. They each carry half of a Valentine's day card, and use it to teleport. In the end, they put the heart back together and they become friends again." 

The festival wraps up on Sunday. Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the door.