Women in Leadership

Whether it’s going out and voting or entering the race as a candidate North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice says she’d like to see more women in politics.

Prince Rupert’s Prestige Hotel hosted the North Coast’s Women in Leadership program—encouraging women in business to discuss their views on their position in politics.

Rice says although women make up 52% of the population, only a third of women are in any level of government—be it municipal, federal or provincial lacking positions of decision making and power.

“I also think the system is set up to serve men more so than women. One of the things I’ve raised was the fact that if we had a universal childcare program we would see more women in the workforce because they traditionally fall into the caregiver role, not working as much or not participating in the economy as much as men are,” says Rice.

Rice says she’d like to see more women participate, vote and know that their voice counts and the issues and challenges that affect them are important.

“You should get out and cast a ballot to find the representative that will best serve you. It’s an important vote, it’s an important voice to have and I’d like to encourage women to exercise that,” says Rice.