Woodworth Lake Water Transmission Bid Process Underway


The City of Prince Rupert is kicking off the New Year with major infrastructure improvements underway.


The City is currently accepting bids for the Woodworth Lake Water Transmission Project—the first phase in rebuilding the City’s aged water infrastructure.


The City’s Communications Manager Veronika Stewart says the water supply infrastructure is a priority for the City.


“This project is to replace the water supply line to our pump station which is over 100 years old. The project will replace the water supply line that’s the first phase of the project, the second of the project will be to replace the dam and the third phase of the project is to replace the submarine lines that run below the harbour and bring our water to the mainland.”


Stewart says the project is funded in equal parts by the Provincial and Federal government as well as the City’s Legacy Corporation.


Stewart says the project will replace a critical piece of the water supply infrastructure.


“Part of this project will be to move the water supply line underground to make it more secure and also to increase access to the site. So currently its above ground and may be more at risk to landslides and so we want to make sure that our water supply is secure and move that below ground and also  have a bit more of an access road going  along that line as well.”

Later this month the City will decide which company offers the best presentation for work upon reviewing applications, which, once decided, will see the replacement of the raw water supply.

Mayor Lee Brain and the city's Director of Operations Richard Pucci were featured in a video produced last Sspring by the City exploring the nature of the city's water infrastructure issues at the dam.